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Musical Artist Joseph Bonner plans on making more music in 2023

Joseph Bonner new music on Spotify
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Friends by Joseph Bonner now playing on Spotify ( Musical Artist Joseph Bonner
Joseph Bonner

While the pandemic proved to be a time of great trials for the world, one musical artist decided to use the time as an opportunity to put out music. Despite having a background in print publishing, Joseph Bonner is no stranger to the radio, hosting over 100 nationally syndicated podcast programs on his ever expanding radio network. So how did he go from podcasting to singing? Mr. Bonner explains, "I honestly just go with what feels right when making moves. If I have a desire to do something new, I don't worry about failing. I just work on doing the best I can, knowing in time that I'll get better as I grow. He continues, "I use to write songs and raps when I was a teen. I just felt like it's something I want to do now.

Joseph Bonner has been in the past featured in magazines including Legend and People, for commentary, but now as a musical artist, time will tell just how far his inspiring messages will go.

His latest song, Friends, is now out, with his music video being shot in India that is set to drop on JBN Television Network in a few weeks so we will keep you updated!


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