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Meet Joseph

I'm not lucky I just don't believe in quitting when things get tough. 

Joseph Bonner

Entrepreneur, international media mogul, mental health expert, human rights executive and motivational speaker

Daril Joseph Bonner (born May 27th, 1983) is an American Actor, Director, Musical Artist and Human Rights Investigator.

In 2001, he appeared on Court TV, where he recounted his experience standing up against bullying in high school. Later that same year his interview in the New York Times landed him a guest appearance on CBS Televisions Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher. He went on to interview with People Magazine and Extra, having his photo appear alongside Marlin Mason, Kathy Griffin and Bill Maher in their Teen People August 2001 Hot Guys in Music issue.

Upon graduation from Herbert Hoover High School in San Diego, California in 2001, Bonner began a short internship at San Diego Magazine before calling it quits and joining the San Diego Unified School District as a Para Educator until 2012 when he decided he wanted a career with more freedom.

In 2012, he became a Resident Service Coordinator for Wakeland Housing and Development until 2014 when he decided he needed a new career change. "I wanted to have a greater impact and a bigger voice, '' Bonner later revealed in an interview with INCODA Magazine in 2015.

In 2014, Bonner decided to become an Entertainment Publicist, landing his first freelance job with American rapper KRS-One.

In 2015 he ventured into radio hosting with the Joseph Bonner Show. With new momentum in his aspiring entertainment career he published the 1st issue of Legend Magazine. Bonner attributed partial success to Legend Magazine due to the fact that the teams of Taylor Swift, Oprah Winfrey and Mariah Carey supported the issue magazine by including photos for the special story cover feature. Bonner went on to publish Legends sister publications Legend San Diego, Legend London, Legend Men's Magazine and Legend Women's Magazine.

Bonner still wanted to find a way to bring together his passion for education and entertainment and in 2015 produced his first live show San Diego's Got Talent designed to raise awareness about youth bullying and suicide.

In 2016 Bonner founded iCast Media Network LLC to take over the publishing of Legend Magazine and launched a new print magazine Joseph, to provide mental health support to the international community. In that same year, Bonner began offering unsolicited publicity advice to celebrities to help build his brand. American singer-songwriter Ne-Yo was one of such celebrities to receive that support.

In 2017 Bonner expanded iCast Media Network services and began representing Country singer Cody Wolfe and Fox 2 News anchor April Simpson.

Not forgetting his educational roots, Bonner launched the non-profit Bully Avengers in 2018 to provide international support to children, families, educators and corporations internationally. Through the Bully Avengers, Bonner leads human rights investigations, provides youth and corporate training and has been invited to serve as a main representative and speak at the United Nations in New York and Geneva through the Ariel Foundation International .

Endeavoring to grow his media presence in 2019, Bonner launched 20 national and international radio stations with originally produced content. That same year, he releases his 1st autobiography The Joseph Bonner Story.

In 2020 Bonner launched his private television network JBN (Joseph Bonner Network) with multiple local channels plus national channels in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Ireland. That same year he released his first documentary Religions Organized For Terror for which he worked as producer and director. He also went on to direct and produce multiple TV series for his stations including 24 Hours Missing, Professionals On Zoom Getting Coffee, Inspiration News, Joseph Bonner Reports, Joseph and the Joseph Bonner Show.

Bonner ventured into the music industry with his debut home studio album Haters (20020), which landed him his first artist page with Spotify and iHeartRadio. With the following release of his second home studio album Keep Your Head Up (2020) which circulated online during the Coronavirus pandemic.

By 2021, Bonner had created and hosted some 65 nationally syndicated podcasts ranging from topics of news, law, human rights, business and real estate. Later that year, he established media partnerships for Legend Magazine with CNN, FOX News, TMZ and NBC News. That same year, Bonner began publishing the magazines Hollywood, Founder 100 and Goals Magazine.


Mr. Bonner is also the Publisher of Court Magazine and founded the Bully Avengers Nonprofit to legally fight on behalf of impoverished children and provide legal recommendations to the United Nations and government leaders.  


Today, Bonner owns a growing media empire, adding 5-10 new radio stations, TV channels and online media outlets to his brand every week. In addition, he is currently executive producer for  several TV shows and documentaries being published under Joseph Studios.  

Early Life

Bonner was born on May 27, 1983 in San Diego and raised in the City Heights neighborhood in East San Diego. His parents, Darl Joseph and Alice Slater, were born in San Diego but did not take part in raising him. Instead, Bonner was raised by his aunt Lola Slater who raised him as a Christian and worked at UCSD. Slater was a mother figure for the first eleven years of Bonner's life and later worked as a customer service representative at SeaWorld San Diego. Following his brothers suicide attempt, Slater decided to send Bonner back with his mother in 1996.

Bonner is a youngest child on his mothers side but the oldest on his fathers side; he has an older sister, Aquila, from his mothers side and younger siblings Garrett Felix, Dalantra Felix, Joshua Wells and Desmond Bonner from his fathers side. Bonner only lived with his older sister for a short time when he was younger and has only physically met one of his brothers from his fathers side in person.

In school, Bonner ran community events on a local level, participated in clubs, and was the founder of his schools first African Student Union, serving as its president, as well as serving as the President of his youths Rotary Club. He founded the school's 1st hip hop dance team, was crowned Homecoming King and nominated Prom King. 

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