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Joseph Bonner

Experiencing great loss at an early age, as a young black child, Joseph knew first hand the pain that comes from seemingly impossible odds. Abandoned by both parents as a child and the mysterious death of his older brother, Joseph had to muster courage and find a way to succeed. His new book takes you through that inspiring journey of loss to triumph that forced him to find a way through the storms of mental, emotional, and economic loss. A journey that led him to become one of the most powerful publishers of his generation who courageously fights for child & women's rights internationally through the power of media and international law. 

His story has inspired books, and his journey and mission to fight for the vulnerable are far from over. 


The powerful life lessons and useful avenues Joseph used to push forward will stir in your heart a desire to forge ahead through these trying times and to use your loss as a capitulate to greatness measured in worth. 

All book profit proceeds are donated to the Bully Avengers Anti-Bullying Program. 

Release Date: December 26th, 2024

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