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Which magazine will I be publishe in?

You pick!

Founder 100

Wome's Well Being

or Men's Well Being 


What's the guarantee?

Our guarantee is that your interview will get published and your photo will appear on the cover of the issue. 

Will I get lots of sales from my article?

We cannot guarantee sales. The best thing you can do is leverage your published interview on social media and use the added credibility to make more sales, land more gigs, etc.

Can I put "as seen on" in my social media and marketing materials?

Absolutely! You'll officially have been featured on the TV channel which means you can let everyone know you've been featured. This is a great benefit in the area of marketing and social proof.

 Will the interview be published on ROKU,  & Amazon Fire?

Your interview will be promoted on multiple ROKU and Amazon Fire stations as part of our publicity roll out. You don't pay for this. It's just standard marketing for each magazine publication. 

What happens after I sign up?

You'll be emailed interview questions. In your reply please specify which cover you desire from the list above.   

Who is this beneficial for?

This is for entrepreneurs looking to grow their online credibility, speakers looking to land more virtual speaking gigs, coaches looking to start charging more for their services, course creators looking for more students, real estate professionals looking to be seen as an authority and more. This PR package is for anyone looking to grow their presence and authority online in 2022.

How many interviews will I receive?

You'll be completing just one exclusive interview and one cover feature. 

How long does it take?

When completing your interview, you will have the ability to select "immediate publishing" or choose a date for us to publish your interview.


If you choose "immediate publishing" we will have your story published on the upcoming issue of the publication. All publications publish on the 15th of the given month. 

Do I have to be an entrepreneur to get featured?

Absolutely not! We can publish you in these sites no matter what you do. You can be a music artist, entrepreneur, underwater basket weaver or anything else.

Will this be a full feature or sponsored ad on the news sites?

These will be full magazine  interviews in a print publication added as an editorial from our team.

Do I have to live in the United States?

No! We have clients from all around the world. This international recognition can be a great addition to your marketing efforts.

What if I need my interview published in the future instead of the next issue?

That's not a problem at all. When submitting your interview, you have the choose between "immediate publishing" and scheduling the interview to be published on a future date of your choice.


New York Times

CBS Television

People Magazine


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