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Manage Stress - 10 Powerful Tips

It may come as a surprise that biological stress was just discovered a few decades ago. In the late 1950s, Hans Selye- an endocrinologist- for the first time identified and documented stress. Even though the symptoms of stress long existed before Selye, his discoveries ushered a new chapter in research on stress, and this research has helped millions of people cope with stress. In this article, we will take a look at 10 tips that you can use in managing stress:

Breathe easy. While shallow breathing will make a stressful situation worse, deep breathing will oxygenate your blood, clear your mind, and calm your down.

Sleep. Lack of enough sleep has been identified as one of the causes of stress. Make sure you get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep each day.

Exercise. Getting your blood moving through exercises even for a few minutes can help in improving your mood.

Write. Try writing out your feelings in a journal or notebook when you are feeling stressed.

Green tea. It has healthy antioxidants and theanine, which has a calming effect on your nervous system.

Laughter. Laughter releases endorphins, which will improve your mood and reduce the levels of cortisol (the stress-causing hormone) in the body.

Proper diet. Consuming vegetables and fruits have been shown to reduce the symptoms of stress.

Talk yourself through it. This may seem crazy, but it actually works.

Call a friend. Sharing your feelings with your friend can help in reducing your levels of stress and give you a new perspective.

Listen to music. Listening to calming music will have a positive effect on your body and brain, and it will also lower the levels of cortisol in your body.

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