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The party that left 19-year-old Georgia teen Trent Lehrka on a ventilator has resulted in the arrest

Big Brother Spain contestant José María López, has been sentenced to 15 months in prison for sexually assaulting a female contestant, Carlota Prado, during an unaired 2017 episode of the reality TV show, according to court documents. 

"The defendant's lewd movements continued for several minutes until the victim's face and arm were uncovered, revealing her unconscious state, prompting (the producers) to intervene," the judge stated.

The incident became public following the release of the video by the Spanish news site El Confidencial, showing producers showing Prado her assault on video while filming her reaction. 

Producers of the show came under fire back in 2019 for their handling of the situation.

Later that year, Zeppelin TV, the company that produces “Big Brother” in Spain, issued an apology to the woman and said it would put in place rules to avoid anything similar happening, notably by banning alcohol from the set.


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