When competing with major companies with huge pockets, many small business owners simply don't have a chance to reach a larger audience with their brand message. 


For that reason, many  brands and experts are struggling to stand out above their competitors  and reach a larger audience.  Something they simply can't afford to do during the COVID pandemic

I've been working as a media expert for some 5 years, during that time have worked independently to support or build the influence of  many large and small brands including but not limited to Twitter, Amazon, Ellen DeGeneres, Oprah Winfrey, Dwayne Johnson plus scores of small business owners. 

As a nationally syndicated radio and TV host, I host some 27 shows distributed with my partners at iHeartRadio, Spotify , Apple and Amazon. 

With my new TV channel on ROKU, I have the honor of featuring guest who I truly believe in. Our last guest Nelly did an amazing interview. 

My guest typically go on to secure more clients, sell out events, land more speaking gigs, sell more books, reach a larger audience in Real Estate, etc.

I've made getting featured on one of my shows really easy as I've streamlined the process! 

Below you can pick a show  to be featured in! 

To check out the shows, feel free to hop over to the Joseph Bonner Radio Network  ( JBRN) or the Joseph Bonner Network  (JBN) TV channel!



  • ​Get Featured on one of our nationally syndicated shows!  Your exclusive interview will be published on the platform of choice for expert branding!

Fequently Asked Questions

 What happens after I pay?

After you pay, you will need to e-mail us the 3 best days and times to do schedule your interview. 

Please e-mail

What should be my goal with this?​

The goal is to get your story out bring more credibility to your brand.


Why should I do this?

You'll forever have a national  feature behind your brand. This will enhance your online reputation and send social signals back to your website for SEO enhancement. 


Can I put "as seen on" in my social media and marketing materials?

YES! You'll officially have been featured on my nationally syndicated podcast, which means you can let everyone know you've been featured. This is a great benefit in the area of marketing and social proof.


Can I put "as seen on" in my social media and marketing materials?

YES! You'll officially have been featured on my nationally syndicated podcast, which means you can let everyone know you've been featured. This is a great benefit in the area of marketing and social proof.

Will I get lots of sales from my feature?

Each story we publish will get organic traffic but we cannot guarantee sales.


You will need to leverage your interview on social media and use the added credibility to make more sales, land more gigs, etc.


How long does it take?

Magazine Interview + Covers Publish on the 1st and 15th of the month. 

TV Features publish 48 hours after recording. 

Podcast publish 24 hours after recording. 

AD place 48 hours after submitting. Your 30 days begin on the 1st day your AD is played. 


Do I choose the headline of the story?

You do not. The headline of the stories will be something along the lines of Exclusive Interview with John Doe.

Do I have to live in the United States?

No! We have clients from all around the world. This international recognition can be a great addition to your marketing efforts.

 What are the exact places my interview will appear in? 


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