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Facebook & Instagram called out for withholding verified badges from black journalist

African-American journalist Joseph Bonner, who is also the publisher of the international Court Magazine publication, took time on social media to call racist a response he received from Facebook as to why they deemed him unworthy of the verified badge. Mr. Bonner took time to highlight that his following was larger than his white counterparts, who he took time to acknowledge that the highly respected them. “Despite having a larger following, being a writer in multiple media outlets, and having my journalist work published in over 120 counties, they say I’m still not worthy of their “verified badge,” Mr. Bonner says. “It’s another attempt to tell blacks that unless we are endorsed by a white media outlets, we are not worthy,” Mr. Bonner adds. His post went on to mention that despite not being surprised, he reminded all that he would always call out injustice and bigotry fearlessly. Well, Mr. Bonner we stand with you!

People were quick to chime in on the new Facebook Scandal.


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