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DJ Khaled' Refuses to Step on Jordans and Gets Carried by Security!

DJ Khaled is making headlines again, and this time, it's not for his chart-topping hits or motivational speeches. The music mogul recently caused quite the stir when he refused to step onto the hot sand at a beach event because he didn't want to get his precious Jordans dirty. Talk about diva behavior!

According to sources, the 48-year-old DJ was all set to leave his car and make his way to the beach stage. However, as he was about to put one foot out of the vehicle, he suddenly hit the pause button on his grand exit. Why, you ask? Well, apparently, DJ Khaled remembered that he was rocking a pair of fresh Jordans, and he was not about to let the hot sand ruin them.

In a move that surprised everyone present, the star requested not one, but two of his burly security guards to carry him all the way to a mini truck parked near the stage. Who needs to walk when you're DJ Khaled, right?

“I don’t wanna get my Jordans dirty… Can’t mess up with the J’s… We feeling nice," Khaled reportedly stated, as he comfortably settled into the arms of his security detail. Talk about dedication to sneaker preservation!

A video capturing this bizarre incident was later shared by Daily Loud on social media, and needless to say, the internet had a field day with it. Fans and critics alike quickly called out the superstar for his outrageous request.

One Twitter user going by the handle @GandhiAOC couldn't resist making a hilarious comparison, saying, "Khaled is what I imagine lazy and greedy kings in the middle ages were like lol." Ouch!

Another user, @HeshComps, simply couldn't believe what he saw and tweeted, "Did that 50-year-old man just ask to be carried because he didn't want to get his shoes dirty?" Well, it certainly looks that way, HeshComp!

But perhaps the most exasperated tweet came from @cat_falco, who couldn't wrap their head around the fact that out of the six people present, not a single one had the audacity to suggest the obvious solution, "just take off your shoes." We hear you, cat_falco!

Well, DJ Khaled may have managed to keep his precious Jordans squeaky clean, but he certainly couldn't escape the wrath of the internet. In the age of social media, no celebrity action goes unnoticed, and DJ Khaled's reluctance to put his signature shoes at risk may have just become his latest viral moment.


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