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Oregon Doorbell Camera Captures Woman's Harrowing Kidnapping Incident; Suspect's Familiarity with Victim Raises Concerns

In Hillsboro, Oregon, a harrowing incident was captured on a doorbell camera over the weekend. A woman was kidnapped in the middle of the night, but thankfully, she has been located and rescued. The footage shows a lady running up to a stranger's home and desperately ringing the doorbell. Suddenly, a man appears out of nowhere, grabs her, and drags her away as she screams for help.

Although the incident seemed random, authorities believe that the two individuals involved knew each other and had some sort of relationship. The owner of the doorbell camera claims to be unfamiliar with the woman but promptly notified the police.

Remarkably, within 24 hours, law enforcement successfully apprehended the suspect and located the victim. The unidentified man has been arrested and charged with kidnapping. However, no additional information regarding the events leading up to the incident or the specific circumstances has been disclosed.

The community rallied together swiftly, aiding the police in identifying both the victim and suspect, resulting in their discovery within an unprecedented timeframe.


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