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All Mainstream Religious Organizations Must Be Eliminated Under 1965 UN Treaty

United Nations International Convention Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination of 1965 is a Treaty is enforceable by domestic and international law and... Mandates 1. To Regard racial discrimination as a crime 2. And to prohibit and bring to an end all organizations that incite and promote racial discrimination. Religious organizations including Catholic, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim and Judaism operating in in jurisdictions under all UN member states are in clear violation of the convention as these religious organizations incite racial discrimination resulting in actors of terror, bigotry and poverty and the denial of legal rights to the minority. Under Article 2, Each State Party shall prohibit and bring to an end, by all appropriate means, including legislation as required by circumstances, racial discrimination by any persons, group or organization. Under Article 4, all UN party members who signed this Convention, shall declare illegal and prohibit organizations (including religious), how they organize and their propaganda activities. I petition all UN member states and the UN to put all mainstream religious organizations on trial whose practices, and teach propaganda and policies that instigate and promote racism. In addition, to hold all UN member states legally accountable for failure to prosecute religious organizations for their promotion of racism. In addition, former UN member states including Taiwan who signed this convention are still legally bound to uphold it despite no longer being a UN member state and should be held accountable internationally in these regards.

Rule of Law to End Poverty

Some 150 million children under the ages of 5 are stunted, 100 million are underweight and some 5 million die annually. All of this is a result of children and families not having access to food resulting in malnutrition and death. Broadening the access of justice under the present rule of law is vital in the area of global poverty.

Today mainstream religious organizations globally have the wealth to eliminate poverty but instead horde that wealth.

Research shows the Vatican is sitting on trillions of hidden net worth. Hindu temples rake in 180 million annually. Buddhist temples and Jewish temples - the same thing and Muslim mosques are hording trillions of tax-free dollars.

These mainstream religious organizations horde wealth while the masses in their own community suffer and die, identifying the flaw in laws aimed at protecting these organizations while the masses suffer.

Mainstream religious organizations political involvement must be eliminated under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights" articles adopted by the U.N. member states in 1966. In that they are in violation of this treaty, all mainstream religious organization have legally revoked their tax-free status.

My recommendations are as follows:

All members of the states of the United Nations give their power and support to the United Nations to globally enact a law to abolish the tax-free status of all mainstream religious organizations who have violated their tax-free status through their political involvement and use such wealth to eliminate poverty once and for all under established international law.


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