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5 ways to help kids succeed with online learning

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It can be frustrating trying to help our kids with their online learning. As a parent, guardian, teacher or tutor, you may find yourself battling for the attention of your student. You’re up against a formidable foe, namely online video games, tik tok video, Instagram feeds and the like. But do not despair. With a little creativity and understanding, you can help kids thrive and actually enjoy their online learning.

Here are 5 ways to do it like a boss!

Know your enemy

  1. Know your enemy

While tik tok and online video games can be rather enjoyable when kept in their proper place, they take the stage as an enemy of online learning when our children or students begin to give IT more attention instead of their school work. And if you know kids well, you know very well that if you tell them to turn it off, they will keep it on during the school lesson just to make you mad.

So, get to know your enemy. If you find that tik tok videos and online games are taking their attention then use it to your advantage. For example, can you use a tik tok video to illustrate a lesson and encourage student participation based on the video? Can you make a game out of your lessons or instructions to encourage friendly competition among your students? Since you know what’s stealing your child or student’s attention, use those distractions as teaching tools and incorporate them in the lesson! Before you know it you’ll have your students engaged and participating before they realize it!You kids will never know what hit them.