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2 reasons why people want to commit suicide - How to fight them.

For those of us who have ever contemplated suicide, we don’t need to know statistics to understand how very real the pain is of those who suffer and feel like suicide is their only way out. However, most who contemplate and even attempt suicide don’t actually want to die, the merely want the pain to end. So in this list of two reasons why people want to commit suicide, we are going to also talk about ways to help alleviate and in some cases end pain in a positive way that does not involve taking one's life.

  1. Past mistakes

Some people want to take their own life because of either past mistakes or even past perceived mistakes. For example, people may have fought all their life with substance abuse and blame themselves for decisions they made in their youth. Or it may have been a decision to go somewhere or trust someone that resulted in more pain and suffering. As a result the person may blame themselves for the pain and suffering and falsely reason they don't deserve to live.


It is important for us to remember that making mistakes is a part of growing up and a part of the human experience. We as humans learn from trial and error and because we are all imperfect, it is actually impossible to make a good decision every time. That being the case, suicide would only compound one bad decision on another and instead of bringing peace, we would be leaving behind a huge problem for others to emotionally and mentally navigate through. Take the example of Cassidy Trevan who was only 15 when she committed suicide in 2015, two years after bullies at her Melbourne school allegedly organised for her to be gang raped when she was 13. Although her mother Linda Trevan tried her best to help Cassidy while she was alive, her suicide to this day haunts Linda, leaving her to question what more she could have done. In a past interview I did with Linda some years ago, I remember hearing the pain in her voice as she spoke to me about Cassidy’s situation like it had just happened yesterday. The point is that suicide does not end pain but can actually creates more pain for others.

2. Financial problems

Another reason why some contemplate suicide is mounting financial problems. For example the 20-year-old Illinois man commits suicide after seeing that he had a $730,000 balance on his Robinhood trading. Alexander Kearns thought he owed $730,000 when it was actually a system error. By the time Robinhood reached back out to him to clarify, he had already taken his life.


Every type of financial problem is very manageable! If you find yourself in huge debt, you have legal provisions to protect you and your assets. While this blog is not set up to be legal advice, Chapter 7 and 11 bankruptcies are legal provision available to you should you need them. There is even a non-profit organization Upsolve that will do all the paperwork for you for free and help you get a fee waiver to file. So, you would pay $0 to file for bankruptcy. The only thing you need to remember is to bring your ID and social security card to your meeting of creditors when you meet the judge for the 1st time or you will have to have it rescheduled.

Also, don’t be afraid to move back home or to move in with relatives and family members. It is not a sign of your failure, it’s more a sign of where the world is right now. Teachers, journalists and other professionals are making the move back home and it’s proving to be a real financial blessing.

If moving back home is not an option for you, perhaps finding a reliable and well vetted roommate to help offset the cost of increasing expenses.

Some have tried all of the above and still seem to not be able to get head. Why not reach out to your local government office and their Housing and Homelessness Programs. These programs can provide you with some great resources and solutions to your situation that perhaps you have not thought about. Since some of those programs may take some time to work through, why not start a GoFund me and reach out to friends, family and the community for support. Don’t be ashamed. Everyone needs help from time to time and we all fall into hard times. Hey, even the US government has a $26.70 trillion debt. So, your situation is not hopeless!


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