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10 Best Ways To Cope With Daily Stress

10 Best Ways To Cope With Daily Stress

Dealing with daily stress is not easy for many of us as we grope our way through this 2021 recession. From mandatory stay home orders to losing loved ones in death from COVID-19, stresses are at an all time high internationally and people are doing their best to cope. I've compiled a list of ten best ways to cope with daily stress. May this list add to your personal joy, peace and balance as you navigate yourself and your family through one of the most difficult years of human history.

10 Best Ways To Cope With Daily Stress - 1. Take it one day at a time

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Take it one day at a time

Too often when dealing with daily stresses, we begin to add to our worry by thinning about what tomorrow may or may not bring. Will my work bring in enough money for me to survive the month or will I find that job before my contract ends. The problem with worrying about things that may or may not happen is that it saps us of the mental and emotional strength we need to deal with the present challenges. When we’re so busy worrying about tomorrow, we have less time to properly plan for tomorrow.

So, focus your time and energy on the stress for the day and use your mental and emotional strength to focus on Solutions instead of Problems.

You never see your cat or dog worry about food for the week. Why not? In part, because our domestic pet’s take life one day at a time. So, take a lesson from Scruffy and Mittens, and focus on the work at hand for the day and leave tomorrow to tomorrow.

10 Best Ways To Cope With Daily Stress - 2 Down time

Down time

Everyone needs to take a break from time to time. Actually, many companies would be fined heavy penalties if they did not provide their workers with breaks. Why? In part, because an overworked employee can sustain health complications as a result of being overworked. That being the case, the law requires that companies provide adequate breaks.

This well illustrates the health benefits that taking breaks provides for an individual. So, when you feel yourself overworked, stressed and emotionally or mentally taxed, please TAKE A BREAK!

The length of the break should be based on the amount of time you need to adequately feel refreshed and refocused from a situation or individual.

For some a movie break in the middle of the day seems to do the trick.

For others, a mini staycation during the week or weekend can provide stress relief to the proper degree.

And yet others may feel the need to take a year break from a place, situation or the like.

Whatever the case, be sure to enjoy your downtime and use it to build yourself up and enjoy the good in life once again!

10 Best Ways To Cope With Daily Stress - 3. Regular Exercise

Regular Exercise

One of the things that really had a positive impact on my mental and physical health was starting to walk daily. I realized that at the age of 36, my body began to change and that I was gaining too much weight. So, I decided to start walking to lose weight.

Well, actually I decided to start running. But after 5 minutes of that, I was’m not trying to impress nobody, I’m about to walk this”

During my walks, I used it as an opportunity to enjoy the beautiful sights around me, plan for work and reevaluate past, present and future decision. So, in addition to it being great for my health in that I lost over 20 pounds, it was also good for my mental health and business. I call that a Win, Win, Win!

10 Best Ways To Cope With Daily Stress - 4. Eat Well

Eat Well

Now, I will be honest, this is perhaps the most difficult thing for me to personally do. We are bombarded by Ads for fast food and the convenience of a high calorie quick meal often is more appealing then a low-calorie meal I have to prepare myself.

Our bodies will pay in the long run and this adds needless mental stress on the mind and other stresses the body could end up costing us in the end.

Let’s face it, we are all super busy and it’s work to eat healthy. However, eating healthy is actually not that hard or expensive when you plan a little!

10 Best Ways To Cope With Daily Stress - 5. Get Enough Sleep

Sleep Enough

When our body is deprived of sleep, it can be challenging for us to focus during the day and this adds stress to even the simplest of daily tasks.

That being the case, be sure to get plenty of rest at night.

Although experts say that a person needs X amount of hours of sleep, it’s wise to let your body decide how much sleep it really needs.

Your body will let you know when it’s time to go to sleep and to get up. The more you begin to listen to your body, the more you will get to know your body and exactly how much sleep you need on a given day.

Some days I can do just fine with 6 hours of sleep and other days my body requires much more.

A well rested body is a less stressed body and this will also contribute to your overall health in the long run.

10 Best Ways To Cope With Daily Stress - 6. Connect with supportive people

Connect with Supportive People

Depending on your personality and circle of good fiends, you need to find supportive people who understand or who try to understand you and your decision making process.

This does not mean that we surround ourselves with people who only agree with us all the time. However, it does mean that we choose friends who are willing to understand us, are not judgmental and who really encourage and support the good decisions we make.

Spending weekly time with supportive friends can have a positive impact on our mental and emotional frame of mind and help relive day to day stresses associated with life.

Lioness hunt in packs and this increases their chances of reaching their common goal, namely, their prey. So if we spend time with like minded positive individuals, we can avoid the stress of trying to reach certain goals on our own and we get the benefits of a truly supportive collective.

10 Best Ways To Cope With Daily Stress - 7. Take time for a hobby

Take Time for a Hobby

A positive hobby can be a great pastime and help to ease the daily stresses of life. In addition to helping our mind to focus on something on something fun, the hormones produced by our body when we are enjoying something, help reduce stress!

If you like to sing, take up Karaoke.

If you like to dance, learn some dance routines.

Taking up a positive hobby may be just what you need to reduce daily stresses.

10 Best Ways To Cope With Daily Stress - 8. Bond with your pet

Bond with Your Pet

We’ve all seen the adorable Instagram videos of cats saying ‘I love you,” or the dog who gets jealous when it’s owner shows more love to a different pet. Watching those videos make us feel happy but if you have a pet to bond with, the bond of love and friendship between you and your pet will help relieve your stress.

One example that was recently shared on social media was of a woman who was afraid of dogs. She adopted a dog that was afraid of humans, and together, they were able to find healing and comfort with each other.

This experience shows that the power of pet bonding can even help individuals cope with past trauma and the stress it brings.

Obviously, before you go out there and get a pet, count the cost. If you can’t afford a dog or cat right now, try a goldfish!

10 Best Ways To Cope With Daily Stress - 9. Enjoy Nature

Enjoy Nature

From a cascading waterfall to local flower bed, viewing nature is an excellent way to relieve stress.

Go to the beach.

Buy fresh flowers for yourself.

Take a walk at a safe park.

Take a nature hike.

These are just some easy ways to enjoy nature and benefit from the stress relief they provide.

10 Best Ways To Cope With Daily Stress -10. See a Counselor, Coach or Therapist

See a Counselor, Coach or Therapist

If you find that stress is too much for you to handle, don’t feel back about seeking professional help.We all need professional help from time.

Many people get help with their taxes yearly because it’s just too much for them to handle on their own.

Many people ask Siri for directions because they don’t want to get lost.

So, we live in a day and age where you need not feel any shame in asking for help, especially when it comes to your daily happiness. You deserve it! Besides, it’s no one’s business if you decide to get professional help. Do what’s best for you!


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