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Dr. Clinton Bullock

Through the inspiring and triumphant story of Dr. Clinton Bullock being born to a teenage drug-addicted prostitute, to being discriminated against at home and abroad, to his battle with PTSD and almost dying five times over, VICTORHOOD expands and focuses on the powerful ideas of discipline and resiliency in an effort to end pain and suffering within oneself. In a world where it is popular, advantageous, and socially and financially beneficial to play the victim, Dr. Bullock provides the 5 Keys to Achieving VICTORHOOD, which is based upon a mentality that centers on all of the opposite traits associated with victimhood.


To date, the VICTORHOOD mindset has assisted thousands in eliminating anxiety and limiting beliefs, repairing broken relationships, achieving academic and professional success, increasing confidence and self-esteem, maximizing weight-loss and fitness goals, and becoming economically free. VICTORHOOD is also riddled with stories of others who have utilized said mindset to overcome abusive relationships, crippling limiting beliefs, chronic anxiety, suicide ideation, and discrimination, only to become doctors, professors, military officers, educational leaders, consummate entrepreneurs, and champions of their own lives. Through the 5 Keys, accompanied by inspirational stories of VICTORHOOD in action, VICTORHOOD is designed to provide readers with the strength and understanding that they are capable of winning at life, irrespective of the circumstances. 

Book Release Date: 9/24/2022

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