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Breaking: The Willness & Smithology of Will Smith Oscars Slapity Slap Slapnsess Revealed

If you have clicked on this link, you need serious help. Your friends have asked me to stage a Will Smith Oscars intervention. You are suffering from Smitzels, kind of like the measles, only it’s more like you are totally obsessed with the Will Smith Oscars incident and now it’s time for you to let it go! Think of Frozen. Now sing the song. Come on, I know you know it. Say the words….Say it!! It’s for your own good. Ok, let’s say it together in 3.. 1…..2…….3 LET IT GO!

Congratulations, you are now free of your obsession.

If you get the urge to click on another Will Smith Oscars story, visit this page again, take 3 Let It Go’s and call me in the morning.




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